New videos from ESC 2008 Boston -

New videos from ESC 2008 Boston


If you were at the 2008 Embedded SystemsConference in Boston you may have noticed our intrepidreporters wandering around the exhibits on the show floor capturinglive footage of demonstrations at various booths.

Over the next few weeks we will regularly be posting a variety ofthese videos on the Home Page. Some newones we have just posted on the site include:

1) Two videos from Advanced Micro Devices boothat the ESC show, one describing its M690 chipset for embedded designs,and a second video demo of an application based on itsfour core Phenom processor.

2) A videofrom Matrix Orbital's booth, where they describe its PLED(Polymeric Light Emitting Diode) displays. self-luminous displays thatdo not require backlighting and which use much less power than atraditional LCD or VFD.

3) Two videos from the Atmel booth, onedemonstrating its Quantum capacitive sensing productsand the second describing Atmel's AVR MCU offerings.

4) A videofrom the Via Technologies booth where details were providedon its new VIA Nano processor-based Mini-ITX board, the VB8001, whichincorporates the company's Atom CPU-killer 1.6GHz VIA Nano processor,

5) A videodemonstration at NEC's booth describing the company'svarious backlit LCD display modules and options available for embeddeddevelopers.

6) A video demonstration at BirdstepTechnology's booth showing off the latest version of its RDMServer embeddable database management system.

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