New Virtex-5 FPGAs target industrial nets, motor control -

New Virtex-5 FPGAs target industrial nets, motor control


San Jose, Ca. ” Looking to fill out its FPGA product line, Xilinx Corp. has introduced three new devices and small form factor packaging as part of its so-called 65 nm Virtex-5 LX and LXT FPGA “platforms.”

Included in the new series of devices from Xilinx is the Virtex-5 LX155 plus a new small footprint 19 mm FF323 package for the Virtex-5 LXT platform with low power transceivers targeted at lowering the cost of FPGA use in industrial networking, medical imaging, motor control, defense and high-performance computing applications.

On the low end of the density range, Xilinx's Virtex-5 LX20T device is designed for implementing serial standards into a low-density device. For applications such as motor control, the device offers designers a single device that integrates microcontroller, waveform generation, networking protocols and otherfunctions in a cost-effective high-performance FPGA with low-logic consumption.

The LX20T is pin compatible with the LX30T for easy design migration and can take full advantage of the small footprint 19 mm FF323 package.

Designers can begin their designs today for the Virtex-5 LX20T, LX155T, and LX155 devices using ISE 9.2i SP4 development software and supporting documentation. All devices are scheduled to be available in production by the second quarter of 2008.

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