New VisualSim Architect 10.3 aims at engineering productivity -

New VisualSim Architect 10.3 aims at engineering productivity


Mirabilis Design Inc. has just released Version 10.3 of its VisuallSim Architect system level modeling and simulation tool suite.

This release has Model Templates for over 120 applications including multi-core; SoC and avionics power management; Network-on-Chip (NoC); high-performance storage; and real-time software design. Mirabilis Design is also announcing a new infrastructure with user-customizable graphical interface, new modeling components and interactive documentation.

Mirabilis Design will be conducting 30-minute online Webinars on October 20th at 8 AM and 11 AM PST to introduce this new release and provide an introduction to system-level modeling. Attendees can register on line to attend these Webinars.

According to Vaishnavi Shankar Vice President, Business Development at Mirabilis, the tools user community has already realized massive productivity improvements from this release, including its use by a large Wireless Semiconductor company to model a Gigahertz-range multimedia SoC in approximately three weeks. Similarly, he said, the Serial Switch Template was used by a NASA center to extend the current technology with proprietary extensions to meet higher performance and reliability levels for Space Applications.

Infrastructure updates to the tools include a common look-and-feel, icons and menus; accelerated simulation speed by over 20%; reduced memory usage with New Memory Manager for large multi-day simulations; a new block validation methodology that tightly integrates product development with documentation and an enhanced debugging environment through improved messages and recommendations.

Improvements to the systems application templates include fully built models combined with analysis reports represents 30-70% of a completed system specification; ten additional blocks contain built-in dynamic power management capabilities; a library of 120 application templates to jumpstart model development; and templates help train and accelerate development in new applications such as multi-core systems, custom RTOSs, and FPGA-based multi-board systems.

Shankar said the company has migrated to a new documentation development methodology. The documentation and the Templates streamline the development process and compress the product schedule as well as incorporate integrated video, audio, slides, context-sensitive, search engines, and hierarchical listings; and new documentation to match library blocks and application-scenarios.

VisualSim Architect 10.3 is currently available on Windows, Linux, MAC OS and all other forms of UNIX. To learn more, go to

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