NewLogic Technologies and Hyperstone tie up Bluetooth deal -

NewLogic Technologies and Hyperstone tie up Bluetooth deal

Embedded World – N¼rnberg, Germany – Supplier of intellectual property (IP) cores for wireless technology, NewLogic Technologies, and Hyperstone, a fabless semiconductor and microprocessor design company, have signed a technology agreement based on their wireless and embedded RISC/DSP technology.

Each company gets rights to certain technologies owned by the other and will help both incorporate features and technologies into products.

Hyperstone is licensing NewLogic's BOOST Core, BOOST Software and BOOST Radio for integration in their microprocessor-based product line, which is used for applications in the consumer market such as flash memory cards, digital cameras, and portable media devices.

The BOOST IP family includes a Bluetooth baseband processor, a Bluetooth software protocol stack, and a Bluetooth CMOS radio. These IP elements, when combined with a suitable microprocessor core, permit the implementation of a single chip Bluetooth solution using industry standard CMOS process technologies.

NewLogic is licensing Hyperstone's E1-32 single-core RISC/DSP architecture for integration in its wireless platform. The E1-32 microprocessor combines a high-performance RISC processor with an additional DSP instruction set and on-chip microcontroller functions.

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