NEWS: Altran merges embedded operations -

NEWS: Altran merges embedded operations


LONDON — Altran Technologies SA (Paris, France) is merging two of its embedded systems companies to form one operation which will focus on the engineering of software intensive and embedded systems with demanding safety, security or innovation requirements.

The merger brings together Praxis (Bath, UK) deep expertise in safety and security critical systems with the strong innovation capabilities of SC2 by Altran (Sophia Antipolis, France) in areas such as human machine interface (HMI), multimedia and connectivity which it has gained through its long pedigree as a software research centre in the automotive sector.

Altran Praxis will be headquartered in Bath and operate globally through offices in France, India and the UK. It currently employs 270 people and plans to expand further in 2010.

Originally formed in 1983, Praxis has been part of Altran since 1997 and specializes in critical systems engineering. SC2, formerly owned by Continental, is a software research centre focused on embedded software and was acquired by Altran in 2008.

“Embedded systems, safety and security are all strategic services for Altran, and with the merger of Praxis and SC2 by Altran we have focused and strengthened our offering in these growth areas,” said Yves de Chaisemartin, Altran Group Chief Executive Officer. “The creation of this new centre of excellence is in line with our strategy of investing to benefit our customers by delivering new capabilities based on expertise and innovation, which can be delivered globally across key industry sectors.”

“Our staff are extremely supportive of the merger, as it provides opportunities for them to become involved in different technologies and markets as well as further extending our international reach,” said Praxis managing director Keith Williams, who has become MD of Altran Praxis.

“The launch of Altran Praxis will offer our clients a truly unique capability,” added Williams. “For example if you are an automotive, aircraft or train manufacturer, we can now build and assure your most critical control systems, such as engine management or braking, and also deliver the most innovative passenger infotainment systems for generating more revenue.”

Building on its joint heritage, Altran Praxis will operate as a partner to companies in the aerospace and defence, rail, nuclear, air traffic management, automotive, medical and security sectors.

The companies have already been involved in a number of projects such as the development of the software for the groundbreaking iFACTS air traffic management system for the UKs National Air Traffic Services (NATS) and automotive connectivity and telematics for Renault.

They have also worked on the development of gesture based HMI technology for medical and control centre applications in sectors such as rail, air traffic management and nuclear and carried out independent safety assessment on tube lines new signalling system for the London Underground.

Altran Praxis will build safety and security critical software; develop innovative embedded software for new products and applications; act as a safety and security partner, consultant or independent assessor; conduct research for clients and develop inhouse tools and technology supporting embedded and critical systems.

Other companies who are part of the Altran group include Cambridge Consultants and Arthur D Little.

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