NEWS: BAE Systems uses MontaVista Linux in gun systems -

NEWS: BAE Systems uses MontaVista Linux in gun systems

LONDON — BAE Systems Bofors (Karlskoga, Sweden) has selected MontaVista Linux to power its latest naval and artillery gun systems.

The use of a commercial quality embedded Linux is intended to provide for rapid development, combined with the long-term support required for military applications.

According to MonatVista (Sanat Clara, Calif) when BAE began evaluating the development platform for its new artillery and naval gun systems, it looked at traditional RTOS products, as well as open source solutions like Linux.

Since the new systems are built on standard processors, commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware, and some internally developed hardware, there were numerous choices available for the operating system and development environment. Because of the nature of their products, BAE needed to develop its gun system on a platform that was reliable, and of the highest quality.

In the end, BAE Systems Bofors decided on Linux as their development platform and selected MontaVista Linux Professional Edition. MontaVista Linux says it was chosen because of the commercial quality it delivers, the long term support provided by MontaVista, and the variety of hardware platforms supported. By selecting MontaVista Linux, BAE could quickly leverage the skills and talents of their Linux developers and the broader Linux community.

“Military customers demand systems of the highest quality, and require support for extended lengths of time. At the same time, BAE needed a development environment that allowed us to rapidly deliver new systems to market to meet the needs of our customers,” said Mikael Alfredsson, manager electronics & electrical design, BAE Systems Bofors. “By selecting MontaVista Linux we are able to achieve all these objectives, an open source operating system of the highest quality, rapid development, and long term support from Linux experts.”

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