NEWS: Congatec and Xyco cooperate on module integration -

NEWS: Congatec and Xyco cooperate on module integration

Congatec AG (Deggendorf, Germany) and Xyco Technologies AG (Alsdorf, Germany) have set up a strategic partnership to accelerate and simplify the integration of x86 computer modules in professional customer applications.

The deal will see Xyco include Congatec's x86 computer modules (CoMs) as predefined ECAD building block macros in their Design-IP library to enable customers to produce carrier board designs more quickly and cost effectively.

“With the rising complexity of new CPUs and chipsets, CoMs have become more attractive than ever. xyco is in an ideal position to support those customers who do not have their own resources for carrier board development, enabling them to develop their own module-based solutions,” said Christian Eder, Sales & Marketing Manager of Congatec AG. “This cooperation enables us to address previously untapped and totally new customer segments.”

Founded in 2000, Xyco operates its own SMD production line for rapid prototyping, first units and production runs from start up to midsize volumes.

Gerhard Edi, CEO of Congatec AG (left) with Manfred Jendrny, CEO Xyco Technologies AG.

Xyco Technologies AG

Congatec AG

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