NEWS - Cypress debuts online PSoC 3/PSoC 5 Device Selection Tool -

NEWS – Cypress debuts online PSoC 3/PSoC 5 Device Selection Tool

San Jose, Ca. – Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has just introduced a new online product selection tool for its powerful new PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 architectures.

The Electronic Product Selector Guide is designed to streamline the selection of the optimal PSoC device based on the peripheral functions a designer wants to implement in the programmable analog and digital resources.

As a user makes selections in the tool's intuitive user interface, the “Results” field of applicable parts dynamically narrows down, displaying the part with the best match first.

Once the search criteria are entered, the user can select devices to compare, click on the part numbers for more information, and rearrange the feature columns to highlight the most relevant data.

According to Matt Branda, marketing director of PSoC Platform products at Cypress, the online tool allows designers to customize the following:

(1) the number of ADCs, DACs, comparators, OpAmps, PGAs TIAs and mixers needed in the analog subsystem;
(2) the number of timers, PWMs, counters and communications interfaces, including I2C, SPI, UART, I2S, Full-Speed USB and CAN, needed in the digital subsystem;
(3) the speed, microcontroller core, memory, voltage, temperature range and package in the CPU subsystem; and
(4) advanced features such as CapSense touch-sensing, LCD direct drive and more.

The platform is powered by the revolutionary PSoC Creator Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which uses a schematic-based design methodology along with fully tested, pre-packaged analog and digital peripherals easily customizable through user-intuitive wizards and APIs to meet specific design requirements.

Cypress is planning to expand the Electronic Product Selector Guide to include PSoC 1 devices later this year. To learn more, go to Cypress Semiconductor.

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