NEWS - Eclipse open-source IDE to get Agile -

NEWS – Eclipse open-source IDE to get Agile

San Francisco, Ca. – The Eclipse Foundation has some new project initiatives starting in support of Mylyn, a framework for integrating task and application lifecycle management (ALM) tools with its open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

“Thanks to its broad ecosystem of open source and commercial integrations, Mylyn now supports nearly all of the popular ALM tools used by Eclipse users,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “Mylyn will extend this reach by growing the community of committers and contributors working to make Mylyn an industry standard framework for Agile ALM.”

The project will create new sub-projects representing key IDE/ALM integration categories, which include:

“Tasks” project for integrating task and change management
“SCM” for integrating source code management
“Build” for integrating build management and continuous integration
“Review” for collaborative code review.

In addition, Mylyn will now embrace the new Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) web service standards for ALM. It is designed to provide integrated and personalized task management through a new task-focused interface. As the Eclipse IDE's adoption has grown beyond Java, Mylyn has extended its support to programming domains such as mobile C/C++, PHP and Spring Framework powered enterprise Java applications.

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