NEWS: Enea provides Android integration for Scalado -

NEWS: Enea provides Android integration for Scalado

Scalado AB (Lund, Sweden), a provider of imaging technologies, has used the Enea (Stockholm, Sweden) Android Competence Center to deliver an Android-based proof of concept platform.

Scalado required a complete hardware and software implementation to demonstrate that it's SpeedTags Camera Solution, which eliminates the lag between pressing the capture button and the taking of a picture, delivered a rich camera experience on Android.

It was essential that the Android platform itself would not be the system bottleneck.

A key part of this project was replacing a legacy image sensor on the development board with an advanced five megapixel sensor from Aptina (San Jose, Calif.), which had integrated SpeedTags technology. A team from Scalado, Aptina and Enea ensured the integration of the image sensor, firmware, application software and Android.

Enea's Android Competence Center has a focus on the platform and framework level of Android.

Scalado CAPS imaging solution for camera phones is embedded in more than 400 million devices.

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