NEWS: Formal methods tutorial heads-up SCSC conference -

NEWS: Formal methods tutorial heads-up SCSC conference


LONDON — The UK Safety-Critical Systems Club has released more details of its annual symposium that is being held in Bristol next month.

On Tuesday February 9, there will be a full day tutorial providing an introduction to the use of modern formal methods in safety cases. It will be presented by Dr John Rushby, Program Director for Formal Methods and Dependable Systems at the Computer Science Laboratory of SRI International in California.

The unique benefit of mechanized formal methods is that they examine all possible behaviours of modelled systems. They do this by using symbolic methods of calculation ” but, unfortunately, these methods have very high computational complexity.

There are several ways to combat this complexity and the tutorial will illustrate these methods and tradeoffs using a variety of simple examples. The illustrations will cover bug finding and test generation as well as verification, and will include timed as well as untimed systems. The remarkable power of modern methods based on SMT solvers will be illustrated.

Application of formal methods to safety assurance in both standards-driven and argument-based safety cases will be discussed as well as some industrial toolchains. The focus will be on practical applications rather than theory, and on the importance of selecting an appropriate method and tool for the task concerned.

On Wednesday and Thursday 10 and 11 there is a full conference scheduled while on the 10th an exhibition and tools and services fair will run throughout the day.

On the Wednesday evening there will be a banquet with an after-dinner speech on Tales From the Front ” Risk Management Lessons from the Credit Crunch by Hardeep Rai, Senior Operations Officer, Bayonet Ventures LLP and Laura Schramm, Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Full conference details and other information is available on the SCSC website:

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