NEWS: Green Plug, Wipower team on dynamic power adjustment for wireless systems -

NEWS: Green Plug, Wipower team on dynamic power adjustment for wireless systems


San Ramon, Ca. – Green Plug is working jointly with WiPower to create power adapters that can dynamically adjust power delivery to wireless charging systems.

WiPower's proprietary wireless charging technology relies on the principles of induction to send power over short distances to compatible electronic devices. Users can quickly and conveniently charge cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and other devices by simply placing them in any position atop a WiPower charging pad.

Creating wireless power systems for consumer electronics devices has traditionally required communication between the charging devices and the mat, as well as complex control systems that compensate for the inherent instability of typical wireless power architectures.

While a number of companies are developing communication and control technologies specifically for wireless power applications, such solutions tend to be component-heavy and involve embedding high-cost receivers into the device being charged.

WiPower technology resolves these fundamental instabilities in wireless power systems, removing the need for sophisticated controls, while still allowing placement of the device being charged anywhere on top of a charging pad.

Green Plug's Greentalk protocol provides communication between the power adapter and wireless power system that will enable the system to dynamically tune the output of the power adapter based on the power needs of the devices on the mat.

“Establishing communications between the power adapter and the charging pad allows for the benefits of intelligent power management while the wireless platform can aggregate several smaller consumer devices,” said Rahul Razdan, CEO of WiPower.

“Optimal power architecture should not place a requirement for communication between the mat and device in the wireless charging system because of the burden it places on consumer devices. ”

“Wireless charging is a great way to get power to mobile devices,” said Frank Paniagua, Jr., CEO and founder of Green Plug. “WiPower has solved a number of tough problems — simultaneously charging multiple devices with different power requirements, optimizing efficiency, and doing away with strict alignment or charging zones to make things work properly.

He said WiPower and Green Plug will build wireless power systems that will be used to match the power supplied to the power demanded. The companies plan to post a technical paper on their websites documenting the results.

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