NEWS: IAR Systems announces free development environment for LEGO MINDSTORMS -

NEWS: IAR Systems announces free development environment for LEGO MINDSTORMS

San Jose, Ca. – IAR Systems has introduced a free version of IAR Embedded Workbench compiler and debugger for programming the NXT Intelligent Brick in the LEGO MINDSTORMS robotic building system.

It is a completely integrated C/C++ development environment that includes a project manager, editor, build tools and IAR C-SPY' debugger for use with the Atmel AT91 used in the Intelligent Brick.

This special 128k version of IAR Embedded Workbench also includes ready-made project files and examples for LEGO MINDSTORMS, enabling users to get their projects up and running in the shortest possible time. The tool kit is aimed primarily at university students.

IAR C/C++ Compiler generates compact, efficient codes through a combination of generic, global optimization and low-level, chip-specific optimization. It is available for many 8-, 16-, and 32-bit processors from various microcontroller manufacturers.

A complementary evaluation edition of IAR visualSTATE can be also be downloaded free-of-charge from the IAR Systems website. IAR visualSTATE is a set of graphics-based tools for designing, testing and implementing embedded applications using state machines and automatic code generation.

LEGO MINDSTORMS combines programmable Bricks with motors and sensors to build computer-controlled electromechanical systems, including robots.

“This free version of IAR Embedded Workbench will enable students to have access to leading-edge, professional development tools with which they can have a lot of fun while they're learning,” Fredrik Medin, marketing manager from IAR Systems said.

“It's amazing the level the of sophistication that we're now finding in LEGO MINDSTORMS applications,” said Steven Canvin, marketing manager of the LEGO Group.

IAR Embedded Workbench for LEGO MINDSTORMS can be downloaded at

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