NEWS - Intel releases Atom beta SDK for Windows and Moblin -

NEWS – Intel releases Atom beta SDK for Windows and Moblin


Santa Clara, Ca. – Intel Corp. has just released a beta version of its Atom Developer Program software development kit (SDK) as part of its Developer program to help ISVs and software developers create applications and/or components for netbooks.

The program provides tools, SDKs and community resources to develop new apps or port existing apps to Atom-based devices, including netbooks, which are forecasted to reach more than 50 million units sold by end of 2009.

The Beta version of the SDK is now available for both Windows (C and C++) and Moblin (C). With the Beta SDK, developers can submit their applications for validation and, once validated, begin to take advantage of the program's revenue-generating opportunities in 2010.

Intel is offering incentives for developers to begin submitting applications by offering a chance to win big prizes including a smart car or vacation package.

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