NEWS: Micron debuts new 8/16 Gbyte Block Abstracted NAND Flash Memory devices -

NEWS: Micron debuts new 8/16 Gbyte Block Abstracted NAND Flash Memory devices

Boise, Idaho – Micron Technology today released details on its new family of block abstracted (BA) 8/16 MByte NAND flash memory for use in personal media players and other applications.

Faabricated with Micron's 34nm CMOS process, the BA NAND devices which are contained in a single LGA-52 package containing an MLC NAND and a memory controller to eliminate the need to use an external controller as well as system redesigns every time the designer moves to a next generation of higher density NAND devices.

Currently, said Kevin Kilbuck, director of NAND market development for Micron, most NAND flash memory host controllers are have the job of managing critical NAND functions such as block management and wear-leveling algorithms, and providing adequate error correction code (ECC) coverage to assure system reliability.

“However, because these features are becoming more advanced with every generation of NAND,” he said, “designers are required to keep up with the latest innovations in order for their chipsets to properly manage NAND and assure reliable system operation.

Micron BA NAND configuration, said Kilburck, allows designers to migrate from raw NAND to a managed solution with minimal changes. It employs its own embedded controller to remove the burden of NAND management from the host chipset, allowing system manufacturers to keep up with NAND technology innovations and improve their time to market.

Micron is currently sampling 8GB and 16GB BA NAND. The company plans to expand its density offering later in 2009. To learn more go to

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