NEWS: Microsoft Game Studios licenses VoN solution from APTX -

NEWS: Microsoft Game Studios licenses VoN solution from APTX


LONDON — APTX (Belfast, UK) has successfully integrated, tested and commissioned a wideband, full-duplex (2-way) voice-over-network (VoN) system for Microsoft Game Studios (Redmond, Wash.) which is optimized for massively multi-player online games (MMOG).

Engineered by APTX specifically for Microsoft Game Studios, this solution combines apt-X audio coding and special AoIP protocol software to enable high-quality, 2-way, voice telephony.

“Every games studio knows that live, 2-way, voice-chat is absolutely essential to the flow of massively multi-player online games, said Mike Canevaro, VP Business Development at APTX. “We're absolutely thrilled to have delivered this key differentiating and compelling feature to Microsoft Game Studio.”

Apt-X is a predictive audio coding engine offering significant bit rate efficient compression and delivering flawless, multiple-channel audio with imperceptible latency (delay).

The audio middleware, code-named stream-X, is provisionally described as a packet-based data transport fabric for the retro-integration of high-performance HD-VoIP/LL-AoIP services in existing IP based content distribution networks (CDN).

Originally developed for wireless digital networks and transport of HDTV surround-sound over AES pair, apt-X is one of several audio coding engines developed by APTX that can be integrated into stream-X. As a stand-alone codec, apt-X has been used in broadcast, cinema and consumer products, specifically stereo Bluetooth.

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