NEWS: QNX Changes the Rules for In-vehicle Software Development -

NEWS: QNX Changes the Rules for In-vehicle Software Development

Ottawa, Canada – QNX Software Systems has just released a new set of services and software, called QNX CAR, that the company believes will redefine the way that automotive OEMs and their Tier One suppliers prototype, develop, and deploy infotainment, telematics, and navigation systems.

According to Dan Dodge, CEO of QNX Software Systems, the QNX CAR platform offers a comprehensive set of technologies, including a connected application platform, sample applications, reference implementations, and a mechanism for delivering software updates and new features to the vehicle.

The initial application platform includes integrations with consumer devices, voice, Bluetooth, music management, Internet radio, and other third-party technologies. These integrations drastically reduce the upfront engineering needed to initiate a prototyping program, both for OEMs proving out ideas in a lab and for Tier one suppliers competing for their next customer win.

Traditionally, automotive software and silicon vendors have worked loosely together, leaving the integration task to the Tier One supplier. Dodge said QNX CAR was designed to eliminate this time-consuming bottleneck with preassembled reference implementations that allow customers to skip integration and work immediately on product development and differentiation.

Two implementations are available: a digital instrument cluster and a multi-node infotainment system, with more to come. The platform, he said, will support multiple silicon architectures, including ARM, Power, SH, and x86 architectures provided by Freescale, Renesas, Nvidia, Fujitsu, Intel, and other leading vendors.

New business model
“QNX CAR changes the rules with a first-of-its-kind business model that reduces risk for the customer,” said Dodge. “For instance, it provides customers with unprecedented access to software technologies and engineering expertise during prototyping, but applies product charges only to those projects that go into production.

“As a result, suppliers can reduce engineering costs and deployment risks, while leveraging the time-to-market advantage of preintegrated technologies.”

The QNX CAR program includes a developer portal that provides source code to QNX products, technical resources, forums, and the ability to track new features in real time.

This access to the latest technologies, said Dodge, recognizes that during prototyping, automotive customers are less concerned about access to commercialized products and more concerned about the ability to demonstrate cutting-edge solutions.

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