NEWS: Quake to use IAR tools in satellite data modems -

NEWS: Quake to use IAR tools in satellite data modems


LONDON — Development tools from IAR Systems (Uppsala, Sweden) have been selected by Quake Global (San Diego, Calif) the preferred software for its latest range of satellite data modems.

The Quake Q-Pro and Q4000 satellite data modems are for M2M applications and can access multiple satellite and terrestrial networks using a single communications protocol.

The modems are used to track, monitor and control industrial assets such as heavy machinery, aviation, maritime, trucking industries, as well as in utility, gas & oil and rail applications.

“Quake has chosen IAR Embedded Workbench for use in internal product as well as customer end application development,” said Sergio Ramos, Quake Global's CTO. Quake's embedded software is a very important piece of our satellite transceiver product lines and choosing a very stable, debug-friendly, and easy-to-use IDE is extremely important.”

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