NEWS: Satel chooses U-blox GSM technology for wireless security -

NEWS: Satel chooses U-blox GSM technology for wireless security

LONDON — Satel (Gdansk, Poland) is using the U-blox (Thalwil, Switzerland) small-outline LEON GSM/GPRS modem in its GSM LT2 (pictured below) and GPRS-T3 wireless security modules.

In the near future Satel intends to expand the use of LEON G-100 GSM/GPRS modem into several more devices.

Efficient and reliable messaging is essential for modern security systems. Satel provides a complete range of security solutions including devices intended for reliable transmission of alarm messages through a variety of available networks such as GSM, PSTN telephone, ISDN, and Ethernet.

The LEON-G100, G200 GSM/GPRS modem modules provide Quad Band GSM/GPRS data and voice transmission technology. The modules combine baseband, RF transceiver, power management unit, and power amplifier in a single, module.

The modules are optimized to work with U-blox GPS receivers to support low-cost, mass-market, location-aware applications requiring mobile connectivity such as asset tracking, fleet management, road pricing, vehicle recovery and mobile emergency services such as eCall.

The modules are also suitable for use in machine-to-machine telemetry systems for automatic meter reading (AMR), remote monitoring automation and control (RMAC), surveillance and security, anti-theft systems and point of sales (PoS) terminals.

The modules measure 29.5 x 18.9 x 2.84 mm and have extended temperature range of -30°C to +85°C.

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