NEWS: UK's defense laboratory to use Artisan tools -

NEWS: UK’s defense laboratory to use Artisan tools

LONDON — The UK's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) has chosen to use Artisan Studio for a new project requiring compliance with the Ministry of Defence Architectural Framework (MODAF) and recently standardized UPDM Profile.

DSTL is an agency of the UK's Ministry of Defence (MOD) and its center of scientific excellence. It houses one of the largest groups of scientists and engineers in public service in the UK. With its brief to ensure that the UK Government and Armed Forces have access to world-class scientific advice, DSTL delivers defense research, specialist technical services and the ability to track global technological developments to support procurement decisions, defense policy making and operations.

“This is a strategic sale for us as DSTL's choice of Artisan Studio follows an industry-wide re-evaluation of MODAF and UPDM-capable development tools,” said James B. Gambrell, President and CEO at Artisan Software Tools (Cheltenham, UK). “Artisan Studio was the first UPDM design tool released following the recent standardization of UPDM by the OMG. Our leading role in the OMG's standardization process for UPDM enabled us to deliver our UPDM product at precisely the same time as the finalization of the standard.”

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