NEWS: User creates oscilloscope 'app' -

NEWS: User creates oscilloscope ‘app’

Kenny Millar, a PicoScope user, has created an app for use with a scope. PScope is a remote controller and viewer for any scope from Pico Technology's PicoScope 2000 series on the iPhone and iPad.

Pico Technology (St. Neots, UK) believes this is the first app for use with an oscilloscope that has been accepted into the appstore.

The app supports two oscilloscope channels with the full range of voltage ranges and timebases; three triggering modes with variable pre-trigger, trigger level and edge selection and ac/dc coupling on both channels. Planned features include AWG control.

The app costs £2.99 and can be downloaded from the app store by searching for PScope.

A preview the app is available on YouTube

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