NEWS: Wireless interoperability spec jumps first fence -

NEWS: Wireless interoperability spec jumps first fence

The Wireless Power Consortium, which was established in December 2008, has completed the first part of the Qi interoperability specification which defines the interface between wireless charging stations and power receivers.

The consortium is now finalizing part 2 covering performance requirements and part 3 which will provide the compliance test specification. Compliance with all three parts is required for use of the Qi logo.

In the past three months the consortium has doubled membership to more than 40 members.

“Unlike proprietary non-standard wireless power charging products, the universal standard Qi provides certainty and confidence to consumers that their Qi-enabled electronic devices will be compatible with any Qi-branded charging device, regardless of manufacturer,” said Camille Tang, President, ConvenientPower Ltd and chair of the Wireless Power Consortium, Promotion Work Group.

“For manufacturers, Qi offers a versatile range of receivers and transmitters, providing flexibility in design options as they plan their product roadmaps.”

Wireless Power Consortium

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