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Tackling high-temperature data acquisition and processing platform development

Designers of electronic systems that are specified for operation up to 200˚C face challenges as state-of-the-art components that operate at such Read More


AI researchers: Chips and code need to co-evolve

A new AI event at Stanford gathered hardware and software specialists trying to capture the latest lessons in the rapidly evolving field of deep Read More


Earbuds move beyond music

Earbuds are not widely esteemed as a hotbed for new technology development. But while few people were watching, these little audio gadgets have Read More


IP vendor eyes self-generating chip IDs

eMemory Technology, the world's seventh-largest IP vendor, expects its physically unclonable function (PUF) technology to continue the company's Read More


Renesas eyes next-gen machine-learning SoC

The Renesas Electronics roadmap includes a next-generation R-CAR SoC designed for deep learning. Expected to sample next year, the new device will Read More


BRIDG collaboration to create battery-free IoT wireless sensors

BRIDG, an industry-led public-private partnership for advanced technologies and manufacturing processes, announced a collaboration with Face Read More


2018 will be coming-out party for AI chips

A dozen startups are readying the first merchant chips to accelerate deep neural networks, but the underlying algorithms are still rapidly evolving. Read More


IP brings real-time deep learning to automotive systems

Videantis launched its sixth-generation processor IP architecture, which adds deep learning capability to a solution that combines computer vision, Read More


Voice, connectivity and AI takes center stage at CES

Voice, connectivity and AI will compose the holy trinity of consumer electronics devices that will drive the market in 2018 and further into the Read More


Commercial quantum computer ready to roll

IBM says it's ready to go commercial with a quantum computer capable of tackling the kind of "intractable" problems that happen to ensure the Read More


A summer immersion program in the Bay area for girls who want to code

Girls Who Code kicked off its 2017 Summer Immersion Program in the Bay area in partnership with Adobe and the Adobe Foundation, Amazon, Autodesk, Read More


EU restrictions impacts medical devices

New RoHS 2 restrictions will trigger next month, and many products, including many medical devices, monitoring and control instruments, and all pipe Read More


Linux runtime burrows into IoT

Amazon rolled out Greengrass, a Linux runtime for running AWS services on GHz-class embedded processors in the Internet of Things. Read More


Antenna glut challenges autonomous vehicle design

How many antennas does it take to screw autonomy into a car? In the emerging era of highly automated vehicles, as many as 18 antennas are needed to Read More


A view to an augmented world

Lenovo, Intel, Microsoft, Sony, and Epson, along with basement startups, were among hundreds of exhibitors showing products for augmented reality. Read More


Open source takes the wheel

2018 Camry will be Toyota's first vehicle running Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) software on its infotainment system. The endorsement is a much-needed Read More


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