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IoT designers face lengthy checklist

Building IoT is no cakewalk. There is a lot to learn - everything from embedded software to deep knowledge in hardware engineering - and broader Read More


Machine-learning accelerator chip to speed image recognition

Startup AlphaICs described a machine-learning processor that Visteon said beat Nvidia's Volta GPU in an image-recognition test. Read More


Survey says Python is top programming language

A survey by IEEE shows that the EE organization's members prefer Python overall for top programming languages among dozens. But, results depend on Read More


Gbps interfaces target automotive appications

Autonomous vehicle designers are asking for in-vehicle connectivity at multi-gigabit speed, to which industry groups ranging from NAV Alliance to Read More


NAND roadmaps highlight power, performance

Micron, SK Hynix, Toshiba, WD, and YMTC provided details at the Flash Memory Summit on their plans to scale 3D NAND to the next generation. Read More


AI core startup targets IoT

InCore Semiconductors of India laid out its plans for a family of RISC-V based cores as well as deep-learning accelerators and SoC design tools. Read More


Charting the course of vehicular communications

Who will win the wireless vehicle network technology tug-of-war between DSRC and C-V2X? At this point, it's anyone's guess. Read More


IoT access to lift off

As many as a dozen startups are planning to launch small satellites to offer global communications services for the internet of things. Read More


IoT platform reaches for end-to-end connectivity and services

Arm confirmed the acquisition of Treasure Data, saying it would become part of a new connectivity and data management software-as-a-service platform Read More


Hardware abstraction moves to framework abstraction in AI-aware hardware

Hardware won't be the only consideration in judging a company's AI strategy. More importantly, is the company offering software-aware hardware, and Read More


GDDR memory finds growing use in AI

Non-graphics applications such as autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, and crypto-mining are taking advantage of the high-performance Read More


Wi-Fi standard promises low power, low latency for the IoT

The new version of Wi-Fi, 802.11ax, will accelerate data rates and is designed to support a wide range of uses. Read More


Mobile GPU features new architecture

To hit a new level of performance/watt, Samsung's GPU architecture bundles multiple instructions into a group that can be executed in a single cycle. Read More


NIST profiles describe Fed IPv6 push

NIST has developed a set of new technical profiles that will finally get the U.S. government completely off IPv4 within two years. The technical Read More


AMD gears up for AI edge race

AMD will deliver processors that accelerate machine learning at the edge of the network but has yet to detail plans for its 7-nm products or what Read More


Chip industry goes all-in on AI

Machine learning is by default becoming the new guiding principle in semiconductors as Moore's law slows, said speakers at Semicon West. Read More


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