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Chip cooler can be implemented with a 3D printer

3D-printed cooler outperforms conventional solutions. Read More


AI IC research explores alternative architectures

The Imec research institute announced work on a new accelerator for deep learning, testing single-bit data types and memory-centered architectures. Read More


Battle lines forming for IoT OS

Get ready for the emerging battle over the IoT OS. The latest wrinkle is a growing demand among IoT SoC designers looking for a bendable RTOS. They Read More


Trade group to define machine-learning benchmark for edge

The EEMBC group has started work on a machine-learning benchmark to test performance of embedded processors running inference jobs. Read More


Startup looks to speed machine learning with NOR arrays

Startup Mythic could be the first to test the market for commercial silicon that maps machine-learning jobs into a processor-in-memory architecture. Read More


Next-gen tensor processing unit enhances machine learning

Google showed a laundry list of ways that it is expanding use of deep learning and tipped work on a TPU 3.0 at its annual I/O event. Read More


Arduino reaches for the IoT edge

Arduino's support for Linux IoT devices and single-board computers cemented Arduino's focus on cloud-connected IoT development, extending its reach Read More


Benchmark suite emerges for machine learning hardware

Google and Baidu announced a machine-learning benchmark and rallied support for it from AMD, Intel, two AI startups, and four universities. Read More


IoT growth hinges on certified sensors

IoT networks are poised for growth, but lower-cost, certified sensors are needed to drive the expansion, said the CEO of Senet, a LoRa network Read More


Microsoft plans IoT SoC

Firms expect to deliver Microsoft to deliver this year the first Azure Sphere chip, promising to drive IoT innovation with built-in security and Read More


Security experts see growing threat environment

Experts called for more emphasis on security in chip design amid mounting threats and the lessons of the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. Read More


Amazon's big plans for Alexa voice service

Amazon gave a tour of its secretive Lab126 to show in the AI era that it's ready to let anyone make any kind of Alexa voice device - and fast! Read More


Reference system lets developers explore event-driven vision

Reference system for event-driven machine vision allows vision system developers to try, test and understand how non-frame-based neuromorphic vision Read More


AI chips focus on IoT

Qualcomm throws its hat in the ring by announcing products purpose built for the Internet of Things. Read More


Rambus builds security on RISC-V core

Rambus announced an advanced root-of-trust block based on a RISC-V core to plug Meltdown/Spectre flaws, but one expert called for standalone chips. Read More


Nanofabricated arrays could benefit battery monitoring, biosensors

Researchers demonstrate potential to build low cost nanosensors in large volume production for applications like battery monitoring. Read More


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