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AI-based ADAS shifts down to Level 2+ cars

Nvidia is in Munich to declare war that it is coming after the ADAS market. It's now pushing its AI-based Xavier SoC - originally designed for Level Read More


Adding a fine touch to human-machine interfaces

Boreas Technologies, a 12-member startup based in Quebec, is positioning itself to push haptic feedback touch technology a few steps further. Read More


Fragmentation can impact embedded Flash systems

Performance degradation in mobile devices has been built into user expectations, but Tuxera sees fragmentation issues a potential threat to mission Read More


Processor core architecture targets functional safety

Arm unveiled an upgraded processing core called Cortex-A76AE - integrated with split-lock safety features - for SoC designers. The move responds Read More


Moving toward real-time continuous AI for factories

By bringing AI in baby steps to factory floors, Renesas hopes to help customers currently struggling to complete the proof of concept on AI Read More


AI IP boosts inference performance

Cadence announced an inference core that can deliver 12x the performance of an accelerator IP block for deep learning that it launched last year. Read More


Security remains key IoT concern

A survey conducted by GSMA confirms that the big issues in IoT continue to be related to fragmentation and security. Read More


Tackling training bias in machine learning

The science and engineering community has been far too focused on the accuracy of AI. Typically, the first question that people ask about AI is, Can Read More


AI chip said to outperform GPUs

Startup Habana is demonstrating a deep-learning accelerator targeting data centers that outperforms Nvidia's Volta C100 in inference jobs. Read More


ReRAM will target automotive designs

Research indicates that ReRAM could become a widely used, low-cost, and simple embedded non-volatile memory because it uses simple cell structures Read More


In-vehicle networking looms as major challenge

NXP predicts that in 2025, in-vehicle networking will cost more than computing, considering the huge volume of data generated by AV's sensors, and Read More


Benchmark helps sort out ADAS SoC metrics

Automotive chip companies talk about SoCs designed for ADAS all the time. But how can the rest of us tell one ADAS SoC from another? Truth is, we Read More


Conference focuses on AI chips

Hot Chips showed processors and AI accelerators from the ambitious to the clever and incremental for smartphones, servers, and IoT. Read More


Open-source platform targets IoT with embedded Linux

Former Linaro execs launched startup to provide subscription support services for Linux and Zephyr for IoT devices and connected cars. Read More


Experts call for security-by-design hardware

Conference speakers discussed the need for a new computer architecture based on security as waves of Spectre/Meltdown variants hit and cloud giants Read More


Benchmarks address power consumption for IoT security and Bluetooth

EEMBC completed a power consumption benchmark for security functions on IoT nodes and will release one on Bluetooth BLE in a month. Read More


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