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IP builds on MIPS for edge inference

New IP packages existing MIPS and dataflow blocks with a new tensor core unit, initially targeting inference jobs at the edge. Read More


Open specs seek to standardize integrated secure elements

A pair of open specifications intend to offer developers a standardized means to load and manage firmware, combining the secure operating system, Read More


Security standards-compliant MPU for Linux in the works

Renesas Electronics Corporation plans year-end release of its first IEC 62443-4-2 compliant secure MPU solution, to reduce the amount of time needed Read More


Vendors collide over automotive safety models

When Nvidia recently rolled out its automotive safety model called Safety Force Field, Intel/Mobileye described it as a close replica of the Read More


ULE gains momentum for smart home connectivity

ULE could provide smart home designers and manufacturers the single, secure interface they seek if it can get traction in the U.S. and create a Read More


Memory integration remains key to AI

There's been much talk about which memories might best support artificial intelligence and machine learning. But just as important are the Read More


Arm bolsters architecture with vector extension

New Armv8.1-M architecture includes vector extension to bring signal processing and machine learning capability for local decision making in edge Read More


IoT wireless device works in digital domain to cut power

Startup Innophase has developed a single-chip wireless IoT platform that allow analog radio circuits to take advantage of the power consumption and Read More


Collaboration targets greater flexibility in IoT device platforms

A Murata, Cypress, and NXP collaboration delivers more than 75 combinations of pre-certified Wi-Fi IoT solutions, leveraging Murata’s modules based Read More


DARPA exploring smart bandages

DARPA is seeking developers in AI and bioelectronics to assist in its Bioelectronics for Tissue Regeneration (BETR) program. Read More


AI chips push performance

Samsung described the neural-net accelerator in its latest Exynos for smartphones and Toshiba presented a new ADAS chip at ISSCC. Read More


Subsurface radar enhances vehicle positioning

By using a radar technology that can penetrate three meters into the ground, WaveSense collects ground-penetrating radar data of subterranean Read More


Embedded MRAM preps for IoT

Intel further described its technique for embedding spin-transfer torque-MRAM into devices using its 22-nm FinFET process, pronouncing the technology Read More


A 'diff' approach for automotive OTA updates

Aurora Labs, an Israeli startup, describes itself as a source of self-healing software. Its mission is enabling software updates for connected Read More


AI chip evolution will soon take new direction says AI pioneer

More powerful and varied accelerators will be needed to handle algorithms researchers are creating for unsupervised neural networks, said Yann LeCun. Read More


RISC-V proponents tackle software ecosystem

The open-source architecture faces a long road through software standards from its beachhead as an SoC controller to use as a host processor. Read More


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