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AI chips focus on IoT

Qualcomm throws its hat in the ring by announcing products purpose built for the Internet of Things. Read More


Rambus builds security on RISC-V core

Rambus announced an advanced root-of-trust block based on a RISC-V core to plug Meltdown/Spectre flaws, but one expert called for standalone chips. Read More


Nanofabricated arrays could benefit battery monitoring, biosensors

Researchers demonstrate potential to build low cost nanosensors in large volume production for applications like battery monitoring. Read More


ARM faces AI chip competition

Several companies have announced inference accelerators for machine learning competing with Arm, but it's still early days, said an analyst. Read More


Wanted: Cheaper devices for machine learning

IoT startup Noon Home needs lower-cost inference SoCs and DRAM to bring machine learning to its smart home lighting system. Read More


Industrial IoT security guidelines emerge

The Industrial Internet Consortium rolled out its latest guidelines for securing IoT deployments in businesses. Read More


Open-source framework simulates cyber-physical systems

A European funded project has released an open-source framework which seamlessly simulates, in an integrated way, both the networking and the Read More


Text analytics plays growing role in engineering applications

In the following interview, Seth DeLand from MathWorks explains how engineers can extract more value from raw text and combine that with sensor data Read More


AI now drives industry says EDA chief

Synopsys co-chief executive Aart de Geus called machine learning a new driver for the chip industry where Moore's law is not yet dead. Read More


Industry initiative aims for safer IoT

With an open standard for obtaining quotes and certification of potential vendors, the IoT marketplace could see safe and substantial growth. Read More


Malware targets industrial control safety systems

Less than two months after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/FBI joint technical alert confirmed cyberattacks against industrial control Read More


Spiking neural network targets Arm chips

Eta Compute, a startup who demonstrated last summer at Hot Chips a very low power microcontroller by using asynchronous technology, has come up with Read More


Startup eyes better motor control for the IoT

Software Motor Company provides an interesting view of a company leveraging novel technology to pioneer the Internet of Things. Read More


Event-driven lidars seek tighter focus on relevant info

Prophesee, a designer of advanced neuromorphic vision systems, has recently developed a reference design for a VGA camera unit integrated with its Read More


Open-source SDN project gets Google code

Google contributed code to start Stratum, the latest open-source project in software-defined networking, attracting five chip vendors, including Read More


IoT security focuses on the edge

Doing more processing at the IoT edge to avoid sending sensitive data to the cloud emerged as a common theme among vendors at the Embedded World Read More


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