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Device could add touch to immersive applications

Researchers at UC Berkeley College of Engineering have found a way to potentially add touch to augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) applications in Read More


SRAM-based approach accelerates AI inference

Areanna claims that a custom SRAM will deliver 100 TOPS/W on deep learning. Well, that's what the simulations show, anyway. Read More


ToF sensor can replace camera for facial-recognition login

Intel’s Context Sensing platform incorporates a ToF sensor to protect PC data and save power via instant and touchless user presence detection. Read More


Research chip avoids common security vulnerability

Researchers have demonstrated a coprocessor that works directly with encrypted data, solving a vulnerability inherent in existing chips, which must Read More


Blood-glucose monitor leverages machine learning for type 1 diabetes management

The system senses and monitors the patient’s blood glucose every five minutes, analyzes the data in real time, and can inject the correct does of Read More


Advanced AI chips to build on emerging memory technologies

EU project looks to leverage MRAM, FeRAM, and RRAM memory in spiking neural network and deep neural network accelerators in applications ranging from Read More


Emerging memory technologies ready to break out

Emerging memories cover a breadth of technologies, but the key ones to watch out for are MRAM, PCRAM ,and ReRAM, say experts. Read More


Flexible battery tech could support wearable, textile applications

PolyU’s Textile Lithium Battery demonstrates a high energy density of more than 450 Wh/L with a bending radius of less than 1 mm and foldability Read More


Radar chip embeds machine learning

The smart radar system can detect small motions, enabling gesture recognition and non-contact vital-sign monitoring. Read More


AI acceleration to take center stage at chip conference

Startup Cerebras and x86 giant Intel will disclose rival AI accelerators at the annual CPU event now rich with talks on machine learning. Read More


Neuromorphic chip researchers seek better AI

Stanford's Kwabena Boahen discussed his work on brain-like processors after an annual gathering of neuromorphic experts at an AI workshop. Read More


Open-source code simplifies LoRa development

Semtech rolled out two open-source software modules to ease the path of deploying LoRa networks, as NB-IoT and Sigfox rivals expand in IoT. Read More


IP builds on MIPS for edge inference

New IP packages existing MIPS and dataflow blocks with a new tensor core unit, initially targeting inference jobs at the edge. Read More


Open specs seek to standardize integrated secure elements

A pair of open specifications intend to offer developers a standardized means to load and manage firmware, combining the secure operating system, Read More


Security standards-compliant MPU for Linux in the works

Renesas Electronics Corporation plans year-end release of its first IEC 62443-4-2 compliant secure MPU solution, to reduce the amount of time needed Read More


Vendors collide over automotive safety models

When Nvidia recently rolled out its automotive safety model called Safety Force Field, Intel/Mobileye described it as a close replica of the Read More


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