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Europe focuses efforts on IoT and connected car

European Commission clears use of public funds to support an integrated project for joint research and innovation in microelectronics addressing the Read More


Vision system fuses multiple sensor data sources

Israeli startup Vayavision has launched a software-based autonomous vehicle environmental perception engine which upscales raw data from camera, Read More


Tech companies refocus on Level 2+ driver assistance

This week, CES revealed the auto industry's new normal: Autonomous vehicle tech suppliers are shifting into reverse gear, moving back to Level 2 Read More


Consortium to create standard edge-computing reference architecture

Group of 18 vendors aims to create a standard reference architecture and technology stack that can be deployed across smart manufacturing, other Read More


UK report calls for new approach for 5G security

Planning for security in 5G networks requires a whole new approach compared to previous-generation networks to protect network infrastructure, Read More


SBC targets industrial IoT

Running under Linux, the TS-7180 SBC from Technologic Systems is useful for industrial control automation and remote monitoring management. Read More


MCU vendors lag in publishing IoT benchmark data

Chip vendors need to run and release meaningful benchmarks to ease the job of sorting through the many processors available for the internet of Read More


ICs emerging for long-range Wi-Fi HaLow standard for IoT

A handful of startups are prepping chips for the 900-MHz version of 802.11, initially targeting the internet of things but eventually going Read More


Major hurdles face self-driving car developers

AV companies will be at CES to keep alive their self-driving car dreams. For anyone following the AV beat, however, the room-size elephant will be Read More


Advanced memory devices emerge for AI

ReRAM shows potential for scaling neuromorphic applications that are designed to mimic how the human brain learns and processes information. Read More


Developer-friendly frameworks are key to IoT success says startup

Rigado's chief technology officer discussed the status and outlook for Bluetooth mesh, its preferred protocol for the commercial internet of things. Read More


Automated vehicle future faces unanswered sensor questions

Among three unanswered questions likely to dog the auto industry in 2019, one of them is: Do We Really Need Lidars? Read More


Arm predicts more smart product designs in 2019

IP vendor shares what it thinks will happen in Io in 2019 as well as results of a consumer survey about IoT, machine learning, artificial Read More


RISC-V ISA IP proliferates

The RISC-V open-source instruction set architecture (ISA) takes a leap forward this week as Western Digital debuts a core and interconnect, Microchip Read More


AI chips maintain accuracy with model reduction

IBM Research shows new AI approaches for both digital and analog AI chips. IBM's digital AI chip trains DNNs using 8-bit floating point numbers while Read More


AI and IoT reign at Yokohama show

As with any trade show featuring embedded technology anywhere in the world, the Embedded Technology 2018 Exhibition in Yokohama earlier this month Read More


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