Nexus 5001 updates debug standard -

Nexus 5001 updates debug standard


The Nexus 5001 Forum has added two members and released details of the updated IEEE-ISTO Nexus 5001 embedded-debug interface standard. The forum membership is now up to 18 companies with dSPACE and Visteon Technologies the latest to join.

The Forum is aiming to provide the microprocessor industry with the first standardized method of connecting development tools to Nexus compliant microprocessors, DSPs and MCUs which use multiple architectures.

The method of transferring information between the processor and the development tools has been standardized to include the formatting of the data into compressed packets. The specification includes the common development interface functions on the processors such as breakpoints and watchpoint registers.

The Forum's technical committee has provided more details for the standard such as the support for increased clock speeds and multi-processor devices.

It now improves data and instruction trace capabilities, enables a time stamping option for all messages and specifies connectors for the interface.

At the Embedded Systems Conference last month both Motorola and STMicroelectronics announced additional embedded microprocessors that use the standard while a number of tools suppliers launched additional compliant products.

The original specification was published in 1999 and membership of the Forum spans the semiconductor, development tools and automotive electronics sectors and now includes Alphamosaic, Ashling Microsystems, Delphi, ETAS, Hitex, IAR Systems, Infineon, iSystem, Lauterbach, Motorola, National Semiconductor, Nohau, Renesas Technology, STMicroelectronics, Visteon Technologies and Wind River Systems.

The Nexus 5001 Forum, was formerly known as the Global Embedded Processor Debug Interface Standard Consortium, and was formed in April 1998.

Published in Embedded Systems Europe June 2003

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