NFC Forum issues its first four specifications -

NFC Forum issues its first four specifications


Wakefield, Mass.– The NFC Forum has just released the four Near FieldCommunications specifications, a short-range, near-body communicationsprotocol derived from that used for RFID.

NFC operates in the 13.56 MHz frequency range, over a typicaldistance of a fewcentimeters. The underlying layers of NFC technology are ISO, ECMA, andETSI standards.

Christophe Duverne, Chairman, NFC Forum said the new specificationsare designed to make it possible for developers to createNFC-Forum-compliant devices that will be interoperable with othermanufacturers' devices and compatible with the NFC-Forum-compliantofferings of service providers, ensuring successful communicationbetween devices and tags.

The four specifications now available include:

1) NFC Data Exchange Format(NDEF) Technical Specification (specifies acommon data format for NFC Forum-compliant devices and NFCForum-complianttags)
2) NFC Record Type Definition(RTD) Technical Specification (specifiesstandard record types used in messages between two NFC Forum-compliantdevices or between NFC Forum-compliant devices and tags)
3) NFC Text RTD TechnicalSpecification (for records containing plain textthat can be read by NFC-enabled devices)
4) NFC URI RTD TechnicalSpecification (for elements that refer to anInternet resource that can be read by NFC-enabled devices)

In June of this year, the NFC Forum unveiled its modular NFC devicearchitecture and protocols for interoperable data exchange,device-independent service delivery, device discovery, and devicecapability.

<>Additional specifications are still in development. A schematicdiagram showing the basic elements of the NFC Forum technologyarchitecture, along with other materials, is available on the NFCForum's Web site.

The NFC Forum also announced the initial set of tag formats that allNFCForum-compliant devices must support. Tags are integrated circuits thatstore data that can be read by NFC-enabled devices. The Forum'sselectedtags are based on the International Organization for Standardization(ISO)14443 Type A and B standards and Sony's FeliCa.

The NDEF specification describes a common data exchange format forNFCForum-compliant devices and NFC Forum-compliant tags. It also containstherules for constructing a valid NDEF message as an ordered and unbrokencollection of NDEF records. Further, it defines the mechanism forspecifying the types of application data encapsulated in NDEF records.Record Type Definition (RTD)

To help ensure interoperability of NFC technology in a broad varietyofdevices, the RTD provides guidelines for specifying well-known recordtypes for inclusion in NDEF messages exchanged between NFCForum-compliantdevices, and between NFC Forum-compliant devices and tags.

The Text RTD defines a record format for plain text data, which canbeused for free-form text descriptions of other objects on a tag. TheTextRTD is a general-purpose text field to add metadata to things such asURIs, and it can be used where there is not much space. The Text RTDwillalso work well for non-Western languages, as it includes languageinformation for localization purposes.

Universal Resource Identifier Service Record Type Description (URIRTD)The URI Service RTD describes a record to be used with the NDEF toretrieve a URI stored in an NFC Forum-compliant tag or to transport aURIfrom one NFC device to another. The URI RTD also provides a way tostoreURIs inside other NFC elements, such as on Smart Posters.

The specifications are available to the publicfor download at no charge from the NFC Forum Web site.

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