NI expands PXI Express range with timing and control modules -

NI expands PXI Express range with timing and control modules

The PXIe-6674T timing and synchronization module and the PXIe-PCIe8388 controller have been added to National Instruments range of PXI Express products.

The NI PXIe-6674T timing module generates and routes clocks and triggers between devices in a PXI Express chassis. It also can externally route signals to other PXI and PXI Express chassis or third-party instrumentation.

The timing module can generate two types of clock signals. The first is a highly stable 10 MHz clock based on an onboard precision OCXO reference with a 50 ppb accuracy. The second is a clock up to 1 GHz with µHz resolution from the direct digital synthesis (DDS) clock generation circuit.

It also provides trigger and timing routing with PXIe_DSTAR differential star trigger lines that offer less than 500 ps skews and 10 ns of delays.

The NI PXIe-PCIe8388 controller uses a x16 Gen 2 PCI Express link that provides up to 8 GB/s/direction of sustained throughput. Engineers can use the remote controller to control PXI Express systems from a x16 Gen 2 PCI Express slot in an NI rack-mount controller.

The controller can be used with the NI RMC-8354 (which features an Intel Core i7 processor) through a transparent, high-bandwidth cabled PCI Express link. With this level of data throughput performance, the remote controller is eight times faster than the company’s existing remote controllers.

The remote controller also features a downstream port to create high-performance, multichassis systems by connecting to other PXI Express chassis as well as to other enclosures with general-purpose graphical processing units (GP-GPUs) for added computational ability.

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