NLynx joins NT empire -

NLynx joins NT empire


LONDON — Network Technology (Burgess Hill, U.K.) subsidiary Ringdale Inc, has acquired certain assets of NLynx Technology Inc. (Austin, Texas) as well as the brand names, copyrights, technology and web-addresses.

NLynx is one of the last remaining Token Ring MAU and Twinax Switch manufacturers but its products also include Slim Client and Zero Client workstations which complement Ringdale's position in corporate and client security to offer organisations a comprehensive and secure solution for both managed and unmanaged devices.

Ringdale produces networked printer access related products such as FollowMe printing, anetwork printer access and accounting system, as well as networked access control and time and attendance' terminals.

This acquisition complements the acquisition of Madge Limited assets earlier this month. The two acquisitions together should result in an increase in annual revenue of $1.6 million for Ringdale.

Klaus Bollmann, Chief Executive of Network Technology, said, “Ringdale will re-use the registered trademarks of 'NLynx' and 'Decision Data' as product brands. We expect to upgrade the thin client range and add Ringdale's access technology to those devices. Although Twinax and Token Ring are legacy products, there is a residual market for those products for the next 2 years in regions where expenditure in the corporate world does not allow a full replacement of IT infrastructure.”

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