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Embedded systems, once simple (and sometimes not-so-simple) standalone devices, have often in recent years become aggregated into networks of devices. Now with the trend toward portability, untethered connectivity has become the holy grail of device design. Progress toward implementing wireless connection proceeds steadily, despite the problems implementers face. Here are three articles addressing wireless connectivity in embedded systems. In the first piece, Patrick Mannion cautions that coming innovations will prove challenging to implement for those who are not RF experts.

The problems of implementing wireless connectivity resemble vision challenged insectivores that just keep popping up from their holes in the ground. The problems range from FCC certification to EMI to signal strength. The solution is to start planning early and to plan thoroughly. Here's how.

Wireless connectivity opens the door to potential security hazards. Stringent security measures are necessary to prevent people from looking at your wireless traffic. Three-and-a-half years of work by the IEEE 802.11i Task Group have led to stronger encryption, authentication, and key management strategies that help guarantee data and system security. Read about the 802.11i amendment in this article authored by the former chair of the IEEE 802.11i Task Group.

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