Noise-resistance technology eliminates Wi-Fi interference -

Noise-resistance technology eliminates Wi-Fi interference

AirReferee is a next-generation Wi-Fi access-point technology that makes any 802.11 wireless WLAN interference-resistant. Designed by Rotani, AirReferee is a turnkey OEM access point reference design, providing the uninterrupted throughput needed for multiple video streams, online gaming, VoIP, and other latency- and throughput-sensitive applications such as IPTV (digital TV), video-on-demand, Internet radio, online gaming, Voice-over-IP (VoIP), as well as to connect media center PCs and TVs through home networks.

AirReferee technology combines a multi-radio architecture with a patented integral antenna and operational method. Without such technology, maximizing range and throughput work against a reduction in interference. The exceptional noise-resistant properties improve data rates up to 8X over conventional access points in real-life environments.

Rotani claims that AirReferee is backwardly compatible with standard 802.11a/b/g clients and can deliver its benefits without replacing both ends of the link. Hardware and software reference designs are available. For more information,

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