Noise-tolerant MCUs offer safety features for consumer designs -

Noise-tolerant MCUs offer safety features for consumer designs


ROHM Group company LAPIS Semiconductor recently announced the availability of the ML62Q1300/1500/1700 Group of general-purpose microcontrollers featuring an original 16-bit CPU core ideal for consumer and home appliances, alarms, security devices, and small industrial equipment. The noise-tolerant MCUs provide safety features that correspond to 13 industry-leading items (IEC60730 regulations) related to home appliances, including a self-diagnostic function for detecting internal faults. This makes it possible to protect systems from unexpected situations that occur in MCUs used in the consumer electronics field which is becoming more sophisticated as well as the compact industrial equipment sector that requires stable operation even under harsh conditions such as extreme noise and high temperatures.

A broad lineup comprised of a class-leading 120 models in a number of different package types and program ROM capacities is offered, ensuring support for a wide range of applications. In addition, starter kits are available that make it easy to evaluate LCD operation and capacitive switch on an application level, as well as a reference board that allows users to develop customized application programs.

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