Nokia releases Open C SDK plug-in for S60-based devices -

Nokia releases Open C SDK plug-in for S60-based devices


Espoo, Finland — Nokia has announced the availability of the Open C plug-in extension for the S60 third edition software development kit (SDK). The plug-in simplifies the porting of Linux-targeted open-source projects to Symbian OS-based S60 smartphones and enables increased productivity for developers of mobile applications running on S60 devices.

For S60 developers working in the Symbian C/C++ environment, the plug in allows the use of familiar standard C function libraries for easy migration of open source and desktop applications to S60 on Symbian OS. By enabling the reuse of code from existing open source projects, Open C frees up developer time and resources to focus on the core mobility aspects of their applications.

Open C was jointly developed by Nokia and Symbian to accelerate the development of applications on S60 devices. It makes it possible for developers to implement business logic and other core components of an application without having to learn Symbian's proprietary C++ variant. In addition, Open C delivers to developers significant portions of three open source projects—OpenSSL, GNOME, and LIBZ—providing the S60 developer community access to middleware functionality that is shared by many important open source projects, including Apache and Firefox.

“By making the Open C SDK Plug-In available, Nokia is helping to greatly broaden the potential pool of developers who will be essential in creating compelling applications for the next generation of smartphone devices,” said Lee Epting, vice president, Forum Nokia, Nokia's global developer program. “Because Open C libraries are built on open-source projects, developers who need to design and implement large application bases to run on several operating systems, will now find it easier to write portable code for Symbian OS based devices. The increase in developer productivity from Open C will drive exciting new opportunities for S60 application development.”

Key features of the Open C SDK Plug-In for S60 3rd Edition now available include headers and libraries of the C libraries (ARMv5, GCCE, WINSW), emulator DLLs, signed SIS package for installing Open C libraries to device, Open C API documentation, Open C example applications and libglib sources and LGPL license text file.

The the Open C SDK Plug-In is available for download at

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