Nokia spin-off joins the Z-Wave Alliance -

Nokia spin-off joins the Z-Wave Alliance

LONDON — There Corporation, a spin-off from Nokia, has joined the Z-Wave Alliance and is focussing on pushing the development and market launch of the smart meter, smart grid and smart home solutions that are based on ThereGate ” formerly known as Nokia Home Control Center (HCC).

This energy platform will gather and process information about the energy consumption in houses and apartments. It is able to monitor and control multiple domestic appliances via an intuitive user interface and represents a new generation of energy and smart home solutions.

The solutions based on ThereGate are designed to provide real time information of energy consumption to the related parties as well as an easy and energy-conscious management of domestic electrical and electronic appliances.

The integration of Z-Wave technology in this system will provide future users with numerous control options in houses and apartments, such as monitoring and regulating the temperature, managing all home lighting systems and controlling security systems as well as motion sensors.

ThereGate users, regardless of their location, will be able to control all their'Z-Wave compatible devices via a central interface or even via remote control, web browser and smart phones. This technology gives consumers access to nearly 350 devices from more than 170 manufacturers.

In cooperation with Z-Wave and the Danish Electricity Saving Trust (DEST), two of the pioneers in the development of new energy management solutions, There Corporation (Helsinki, Finland) is pushing the development and market introduction of the solutions based on ThereGate.

The DEST is a state-run, non-profit organisation which provides energy saving advice to consumers and public institutions. It promotes high quality technology that can sustainably raise the environmental awareness of consumers.

“We are building new generation of solution for energy utility companies that enable smarter and more efficient use of energy. And doing it with giving even more comfort and control to the users,” said Kaj Rnnlund, Chief Executive Officer of There Corporation which was set up in May 2009. “Our cooperation with Z-Wave and DEST will allow us to go to the next level with regard to the development of efficient and energy-saving solutions for utilities and consumers.”'

' Raoul Wijgergangs, Chairman of the Z-Wave Alliance, added “There Corporation is an ideal addition to the Z-Wave Alliance. The company expands the possibilities in the home automation field and meets the growing demand amongst consumers to be able to easily monitor and regulate their energy consumption.”

Z-Wave is an interoperable wireless mesh networking technology that allows an array of devices in and around the home to communicate including lighting, appliances, HVAC, entertainment centers, and security systems.

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