Nucleus EDGE software suite charges into FPGA territory -

Nucleus EDGE software suite charges into FPGA territory


Mobile, Ala—Accelerated Technology's Eclipse-based Nucleus EDGE software development environment has extended its reach to include Altera Corp.'s Nios II family of embedded processors and Xilinx's MicroBlaze soft processor core and Power PC-based processors.

Support for the Nios II processor family includes the ability to automatically configure the Nucleus RTOS using Altera's hardware abstraction layer. This feature adjusts the RTOS to hardware changes made using Altera's SOPC Builder, a system level development tool. With automatically configured source code, claims the vendor, you can create projects and build and debug products in the Nucleus EDGE environment within minutes.

For the Xilinx processors, the Nucleus EDGE software plugs into the Xilinx Platform Studio, made possible because both products share the Eclipse framework. As a result, you can work within the Xilinx tool flow through the entire design process. That process includes, as with the Nios II support, automatic generation of the Nucleus RTOS and middleware when changes are made in the FPGA.

Nucleus EDGE software consists of a seamless integrated development environment, compiler, debugger, and system profiler.

Licenses for the complete Nucleus EDGE software development suite begin at $3,000 per seat.

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