Nucleus to aid patient rehabilitation -

Nucleus to aid patient rehabilitation


Italy — E-ReMedy, a telemedicine or long-distance medicine platform developed by Air Machine in Italy, is using Accelerated Technology's Nucleus RTOS. E-ReMedy enables patients requiring rehabilitation for cardiology, respiratory and orthopaedic problems to manage therapies at home via an Internet connection.

A typical set-up at a patient's home might include one rehabilitation machine (bike or isotonic machine), one set of suitable medical sensors, client software directly displayed on the machine console and provisions for Internet TCP/IP connection. The infrastructure makes use of advanced sensors, real-time Internet connections, wireless connections, teleconferencing and decision-support systems.

Accelerated Technology's Nucleus PLUS real-time kernel, Nucleus NET TCP/IP protocol stack and Nucleus GRAFIX software package have been implemented in the design and development of the electronic control board that pilots the rehabilitation machine used in e-ReMedy.

The board provides a connection to a remote control server through the Internet. From this connection, hospital personnel can receive the patient's rehabilitation session parameters and work parameters from monitoring sensors on the patient and the bike. Examples of data include monitoring the speed and difficulty of the bike while keeping an eye on the patient's electrocardiograph readings.

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