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nVent expands its PXI Express systems portfolio

nVent is expanding its SCHROFF product range for PXI systems by adding an 18-slot SCHROFF PXI Express system with a modular structure which is used in complex measuring and simulation applications. SCHROFF’s PXI Express is the successor to its PXI offerings and is based on the high-speed PCIe bus. The SCHROFF PXI Express systems, a modular system made up of standard assemblies ensures high flexibility and allows the system solution to be economically adapted to customer requirements.

The new 18-slot PXIe system is based on a modular SCHROFF RatiopacPRO enclosure with an intelligent ventilation concept and integrated fan control. The system features a system slot, a system timing slot for feeding in very precise clock signals, and 16 hybrid slots for PXI Express or PXI cards laid out over a width of 84 HP (19“ wide). The hybrid slots make the system completely backward-compatible and make it easier to change over from PXI to PXI Express in phases.

The backplane of the 18-slot PXIe system has been given a predominantly passive design. The necessary PCI bridge, PCIe switch, and clock functions are implemented with the same separate modules that are used for the smaller 8-slot PXIe system. There are more of them integrated here: 2 PCI bridge modules for 2 x 8 PCI connector positions to ensure the ability to communicate with all 16 hybrid slots using the PCI bus, 4 PCIe switches and one trigger bridge linking the bus segments to each other individually and uni-directionally.

A high-performance PSU designed for industrial use supplies the system with the conventional PC voltages (3.3 V, 5 V, ±12 V and 5 V standby). If the main switch is enabled, the system can be started or shut down by means of the push button. The button is equipped with an LED ring that can be used to display various system states, e.g. “Proper function” (LED lights up green) or “Temperature critical” (LED flashes red). This is implemented using an additional microcontroller on the backplane. This function has been retrofitted for the smaller 8-slot PXIe system, which means that the users have useful system information easily accessible.

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