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nVent SCHROFF: new 3D configurators cover complete cabinet series


nVent SCHROFF is launching additional 3D configurators for supporting the user in the design process. Now, users can configure custom SCHROFF Varistar electronic cabinets online. The Varistar configurator covers the complete cabinet series consisting of electronic, network, and seismic cabinets. This wide range of options, functions and accessory parts is supported by the corresponding library of selections.

If the user starts a configuration, he/she is guided through a series of dialog boxes and asked to specify options. Selecting the various parameters determines the basic attributes of the 3D model. For example, when configuring a “Varistar” cabinet, the user is asked to specify the height, width and depth. These pieces of information define the frame. Based on this 3D model, the remaining components are added via drag-and-drop. Plausibility checks during the online configuration ensure that the selected individual parts fit together and that no specifications are missing in the configuration.

As of recently, the user can select his/her desired color from a wide palette of colors and will see this color immediately in the graphic image of the configurator. If the product has been completely configured, the 2D and 3D CAD data can be generated and uploaded to a CAD system. In addition, it is possible to establish a connection to a 3D printer, enabling users to have their configured products created by a 3D printer directly from the configurator as prototypes or models. To send a request to nVent SCHROFF, you also have the option to create a 3D PDF data sheet including graphics and a parts list.

From the beginning of next year, the SCHROFF EuropacPRO subrack will also be available online. The configurator for subracks also provides a variety of individual components and possible assembly options with respect to size or EMC shock and vibration requirements. nVent is also working on an improved connection for series production. As a result, the configurator is capable of supplying the data in exactly the format in which it is used in production, ensuring a streamlined process up until the product is manufactured.

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