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NVIDIA recruits Silicon Highway to expand embedded penetration


LONDON — Silicon Highway Ltd. and NVIDIA Corp. have formed a partnership to develop the deployment of advanced graphics processing in European embedded markets.

Silicon Highway (Aldermaston, England) is a specialist semiconductor technical sales organization and will be working to bring NVIDIA's graphics processing unit (GPU) expertise into applications such as converged IPTV, automotive infotainment and portable and embedded navigation devices.

NVIDIA is looking to expand beyond traditional graphics markets in gaming, professional design and imaging to reach the embedded space.

“We now expect the same stunning visual experience we get from a laptop or games console in our handheld, our car, our TV and our workplace,” said Brendan Ryan, director and co-founder of Silicon Highway. “With the explosion of freely available digital content, high-speed broadband access and low cost, high resolution displays, there is huge potential for companies which can develop new revenue streams. NVIDIA's products, such as the new generation of Tegra application processors, are uniquely positioned to enable these revenue streams.”

Bernhard Gleissner, NVIDIA's vice president of sales EMEA and India, believes Silicon Highway's expertise will be of great value in expanding the reach of NVIDIA's technologies into new applications.

“Silicon Highway's long history in graphics and in developing markets for advanced technologies made them the perfect choice for helping us to grow our business in Europe. Silicon Highway is a hugely valuable extension of our own team as we continue our rapid growth in embedded markets,” said Gleissner.

Silicon Highway was founded in 1997 to bring advanced graphics to consumer electronics and PC gaming. It has a history of developing markets across Europe for some major semiconductor company's. The company says it specializes in tailoring its service to meet the specific needs of its clients. This includes evangelising new product concepts, building technology partnerships, enabling fulfilment channels and supporting global manufacturing.

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