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NWML gets responsibility for enforcing RoHS in U.K.

LONDON — The National Weights and Measures Laboratory has been awarded the contract to set up the UK’s national RoHS enforcement body. It will be delivering RoHS enforcement when the regulations are fully implemented.

NWML (Teddington, U.K.) is an Executive Agency in the Department of Trade and Industry and its present role is to ensure UK measurement is accurate, fair and legal. It has the lead responsibility for policy on measuring instruments in use for trade and the implementation of European Directives on measuring instruments and provides the focus for legal metrology in the UK.

By the autumn of 2005 the NWML intends to develop a dedicated website to provide information and help associated with RoHS compliance and enforcement and an enquiry line and dedicated contact team.

A web version of the decision tree the agency intends to use will be made available and it is now working on putting in place resources to help interested parties. Until then its is asking potential enquirers to make use of the other useful resources available to try and answer your questions first.

It is interested in hearing from anyone putting on events relating to RoHS enforcement and who would like input from the agency. It says it would like to support as many targeted events in the EEE sector as we can leading up to 1 July 2006 and further into the future.

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