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NXP launches TV-on-mobile platform

NXP Semiconductors' TVoM (TV on Mobile) HotPlug system solution includes hardware, complete DVB-H and DVB-T software stacks, and security.

The NXP TVoM HotPlug enables handset manufacturers to quickly introduce TV services by combining tuning, audio and video decoding features, connectivity and support for any digital rights management (DRM) standard, with the power to support both DVB-H and DVB-T.

NXP has integrated advanced audio and video processing technologies for enhanced picture and sound clarity, the solution also delivers reduced power consumption for longer viewing time.

Based on NXP's BGT215 (for Europe, Asia and the U.S.) low-power, front-end solutions for TVoM and the high-performance Nexperia mobile multimedia processor PNX4105, the TVoM HotPlug provides a complete system solution requiring no extra components or processing for the system baseband.

The BGT215 provides the TV tuner and channel decoder/demodulator, while the PNX4105 provides the source processing, including the power to run the DVB-H/T software stack, to decode the audio and video streams and to display video on the LCD with up to WVGA resolution.

Other advanced features include frame doubling and Picture in Picture, which allows two channels to be viewed simultaneously.

“In helping to facilitate implementation across a myriad of devices, and overcome technical challenges such as power consumption, and picture and audio quality, NXP's wide range of TVoM products and services continues to nurture the burgeoning TVoM market and drive revenue streams for handset manufacturers, network operators and all involved in the TVoM ecosystem,” said Ton van Kampen, vice president of marketing and business development, business unit mobile & personal at NXP Semiconductors.

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