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NXP platform targets music phone designs

LONDON — NXP Semiconductors is joining the rush to to sample reference designs targeting music phones with MP3 capability with a platform based on its Nexperia Cellular System Solution that it says offers 18 hour audio playback.

The design, dubbed the 5211, supports stereo recording from FM radio, MP3 and video playback, a mega-pixel digital camera interface, USB charging, connect-to-PC and Bluetooth stereo. Versions for GPRS and Edge are available immediately.

The company says the integrated, single-core platform is comparable to best-in-class portable media players. In addition to 18 hours of MP3 playback, phones using the design will have five hours of talk time, 750 hours of standby and nine hours of video playback.

Last month Agere Systems said it had started sampling to selected customers an entry-level mobile phone platform that will be able to deliver CD-quality music yet has a total bill of materials of $30.

Its TrueNTRY X125 platform comprises system chips, software and a product development kit.

NXP (Eindhoven, the Netherlands), formerly Philips Semiconductors, said its 5211 supports an extensive portfolio of multimedia functions, but unlike other MP3 solutions for mobile handsets, it does so without the need for an external coprocessor.

Removing the need for an external processor can reduce a handset’s bill of materials by $5-8 in comparison to double-CPU solutions and reduces the handset’s power consumption for improved battery life.

The design incorporates a 10mm x 10mm baseband processor and 6mm x 6mm power management unit with integrated charging functionality, which the company says makes it one of the smallest form-factor packages available to date.

“Music phones, which must handle both calls and music playback, are an entirely different proposition than regular handsets and MP3 players. Subsequently, most music phones today are considered high-end and often too expensive for the majority of consumers,” said Christophe Joyau, product marketing manager, NXP Semiconductors. He added the 5211, with its single CPU architecture, offers significant cost advantages in comparison to double-core offerings on the market.

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