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NXP’s LPC4370 MCU targets high-speed data apps


The LPC4370 microcontroller from NXP Semiconductors is a complete solution for high-speed data acquisition applications available on a single chip. Powered by a 204-MHz ARM Cortex-M4 processor, the LPC4370 features the fastest 12-bit ADC available on a Cortex-M microcontroller today with a sampling rate of 80 Msps. In addition, the LPC4370 has a 204-MHz Cortex-M0 co-processor for offloading control and I/O tasks like handling USB stacks, as well as a dedicated subsystem for handling programmable digital I/O and pre- or post-processing. Advanced peripherals include Hi-Speed USB with on-chip PHY and Ethernet for high-speed communications, and a graphics LCD controller for display interfacing.

The LPC4370 integrates multicore functionality in a single chip, eliminating data bottlenecks, improving power efficiency and noise performance, as well as reducing the overall PCB footprint, cost and application complexity. The multicore architecture of the LPC4370 also offers simplified algorithm partitioning. With its large SRAM and flexible memory expansion, the LPC4370 allows system designers to tailor the memory type and size to their specific application requirements.

The LPC4370 is pin-compatible with all LPC4300 and LPC1800 series microcontrollers in similar packages. LPC-Link 2, the standalone debug adapter introduced by NXP in April 2013, is based on the LPC4370 microcontroller.

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