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NXP’s new ultra-low-power wireless MCU supports ZigBee Remote Control 2.0


NXP Semiconductors has announced that its ultra-low-power wireless micro-controllers family, JN516x, has obtained the Golden Unit status for the ZigBee Remote Control 2.0 standard, which enables consumers to easily control their smart home system. The new release enhances the experience of controlling smart lighting, HAVC, security, home monitoring and set-top boxes through a secure and high performing remote control.

With the ZigBee Remote Control 2.0 and the NXP ultra low power micro-controllers, customers can securely access essential new features that include::

  • Validation based binding to ease the paring process by eliminating the need for involvement, i.e. a button press, on the consumer equipment;
  • Binding proxy for quick binding with a device or a group of devices with assistance of alternative means (e.g. UPNP, HDMI-CEC, NFC, barcodes)
  • IR code upload to dynamically configure IR codes for hybrid IR-RF remote controls
  • Standards based two-way communication heart beat to enable ‘find my remote’ feature and upload of new firmware image and meta data
  • Dynamic re-mapping of remote control keys/commands by consumer equipment
  • HID command bank for the most common ZigBee Input Device standard (ZID) use-cases
  • Enhanced security enabling security key update after a successful binding.

NXP software for the ZigBee Remote Control 2.0 standard, along with an optimized remote control with one layer board reference design, is available to support design-in customers.

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