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NXT gains first automotive design-in

LONDON — TVR, the specialist sports car manufacturer based in Blackpool, will use NXT’s audio full range (AFR) solutions in four of its models. This is the first time NXT loudspeaker technology will be commercially available in a vehicle.

Peter Wheeler, chairman and CEO at TVR, said, “ NXT AFR offers us an opportunity to significantly improve the sound systems in our vehicles and we’re delighted to be the first automotive manufacturer to realise the benefits of this.”

Two mini NXT AFR units will be used in each of the TVR Tamora, Tuscan, T350 and Sagaris. The NXT AFR units will be dash or door mounted, depending on the model, and will be paired with conventional woofers to complete the loudspeaker system.

NXT Audio Full Range (AFR) is a loudspeaker drive unit format that reproduces a full range bandwidth from a single diaphragm. The entire speaker system is simplified, not just by reducing the drive unit count but also by the elimination of crossover components and additional wiring. As its diaphragm is planar, an AFR driver’s depth dimension is also significantly less than a comparable cone unit, which further enhances its adaptability in space-sensitive applications such as automotive.

Conventional drivers tend to beam sound particularly at higher frequencies whereas NXT AFR units distribute sound evenly across their pass band, providing a much more even listening experience to both the driver and passenger.

NXT has more than 250 licensees for its patented flat panel loudspeaker technology including 3M, Acer Computers, Armstrong, Authentic (mainly owned by NEC), DaimlerChrysler, Fujitsu Ten, General Motors, Intier, LG Electronics, Philips, Pioneer, Siemens, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Synaptics, TDK and Visteon.

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