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Object-Oriented Analysis in the Real World


There is theory, and there is practice. There is the plan, and there is its execution. This paper concerns itself with the practice and execution of using Shlaer-Mellor object oriented analysis (OOA) on real-time control systems. The task of the project manager is to make the theory and the plan work together in the context of a given organization, project, and engineering team. This paper describes experiences in this world and presents an
approach, evolved over time and with the help of other colleagues working in this area, for succeeding with this task.
The Projects
The experiences described in this paper were gained on fIve separate projects. They involved medium to large real-time systems. The organizations typically had little or no prior experience with formal analysis methods. The motivations for using a more formal approach included efforts to:
-reuse all or signifIcant parts of the system,
-manage the size and complexity of the system,
-develop a long-term, product platform and
-improve the software development process.
ESC_1992_Vol2_Page137_Lee – Object-Oriented Analysis in the Real World.pdf

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