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ObjectAda Windows available on VxWorks/PowerPC

Aonix has just made available a version of its ObjectAda Windows for developers of mission- and safety-critical using the PowerPC and VxWorks RTOS.

The ObjectAda 8.2 port incorporates an Ada/VxWorks binding that interfaces Ada constructs with VxWorks primitives in the same application. The Windows-hosted ObjectAda 8.2 improves the underlying Aonix Ada 95 compiler, reducing compile time for the PowerPC/VxWorks platform.

In addition, the ObjectAda 8.2 port includes a newly developed capability to attach the symbolic debugger to a running Ada application, which aids VxWorks developers in resolving programming errors discovered after the test and debug phase is completed.

Jacques Brygier, VP Marketing of Aonix, said ObjectAda 8.2 Windows cross PowerPC/VxWorks is available under the CorePack packaging that includes an Ada 95 compiler, Ada 95 optimizer, partial annex C support, partial annex D support, syntactic editor, graphical and command line interfaces, library configuration tool, program builder, source browsing engine, source registration tool, sourceun-registration tool, source code reference tool, symbolic debugger, and graphical installer.

He said Eclipse integration and compatibility with VxWorks 6.x is expected in the beginning of 2006.

ObjectAda Windows cross PowerPC/VxWorks starts at $15,000 and is availableimmediately for Windows 2000 and XP host platforms and supports Tornado2.x and VxWorks 5.x running on all PowerPC boards supported by VxWorks.

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