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Obtain secure, manageable data anywhere, anytime


The Sproqit Workgroup Edition offers a secure, cost-effective, feature-rich wireless solution for handheld devices and smartphones. It supports up to 50 users on one Workgroup Agent computer. The patent-pending architecture ensures user information is never sent to a third-party data center before being forwarded to the mobile device, making it more secure than current store-and-forward solutions. The architecture also enables Workgroup Edition customers to retain their current data plans, resulting in a significant saings.

Users can remotely access, attach, read, and send any file from their handheld device over any wireless network, including local Wi-Fi networks. Real-time updates are available for email, calendar, tasks, and notes, along with access to all folders and messages regardless of when they were received. The Workgroup Edition is easy to install and gives users the ability to configure and administer their own accounts remotely from the wireless device. Sproqit Workgroup Edition pricing starts at $999, which includes five user licenses. For more information, visit www.sproqit.com.

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