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Octal UARTs deliver 15-Mbits/s serial data rate

Fremont, Calif.—Exar Corp. has released a pair of 15-Mbits/s octal UARTs, the XR16V598 and XR16V698, with 16- or 32-byte FIFOs.

The XR16V598 and XR16V698 are targeted at Point-of-Sale (POS), servers, industrial automation, public parking systems, ticketing machines among others.

Both the XR16V598 and XR16V698 include a global interrupt status register, which allows the interrupt service routine to quickly identify and service the channels that are pending. In addition, the devices eliminate the need to individually read each channel's status to determine if it requires servicing.

Unlike the legacy UARTs that require one chip select and one interrupt line per channel, the XR16V598/V698 require one chip select and one interrupt line per device, simplifying hardware design. A fractional baud rate generator enables designers to use a clock source that may already be used by other components on the board to generate the desired baud rates. This eliminates the need for an extra crystal or external clock source.

The XR16V598 and XR16V698 support an operating voltage range from 2.25V to 3.63V. With 5V tolerant inputs, the devices can be used in designs where the input voltage levels may be greater than the supply voltage of the XR16V598/V698 without increasing the power consumption of the XR16V598/V698.

Both devices are in a 100-pin QFP package at 2.25V with 3.63V operation with 5V tolerant I/Os over the industrial temperature range.

Pricing: In 1000-unit quantities, both are in the mid-$13 range.
Availability: Sampling.
Datasheets: XR16V598 and XR16V698.

Exar Corp., 1-510-668-7000, www.exar.com

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