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Octasic brings clockless multi-core DSP to Media Gateway platforms

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – With multimedia audio and video access over the Internet generating much more traffic as consumers rush to download sites such as YouTube, asynchronous logic specialist Octasic, Inc., is aiming to stay ahead of the demand.

Its bid for gaining a stake in this market is Vocallo, its next generation multi-core gateway DSP platform for voice, video and data over IP applications.

Vocallo is based on Opus, Octasic's new asynchronous (clockless) logic-based DSP core architecture, which Doug Morrissey, Octasic CTO, claims offers the highest performance-to-power ratio in the industry with a traditional programming model.

“Through its asynchronous design, Opus provides 3 times more performance per watt than current DSP architectures on the market today,” he said. “While the DSP core construction is clock-less, to the programmer it presents a traditional processing model. This is important to allow today's DSP programmers to take full advantage of its capabilities without having to be retrained to re-write and re-partition existing applications.”

By comparison, said Morrissey, other architectures that deliver on lower power break the traditional programming model and require a new approach to developing and coding algorithms in order to achieve the low power benefit.

“Once this large investment is made in re-training programmers and re-writing code, the customer is locked in as all these approaches are proprietary,” he said. “One of the strengths of the Opus architecture is that it maintains a traditional programming model preserving customers' investment in applications and skill set. The ability to achieve such low power enables developers to leverage a multi-core DSP architecture without re-writing code. “

The Opus kernel and Integrated Development Environment (IDE), said Morrissey, provide the tools necessary to quickly develop, test, and debug software for this high-performance DSP platform in a predictable fashion.

According to Frederic Bourget, director of product management at Octasic, the Vocallo expandable media gateway solution is also the first DSP platformof its kind to enable a new flexible business model for OEMs designingmedia gateways.

“This business model enables an OEM to design a cost-reduced gateway to handle today's Voice over IP (VoIP) needs with licensable performance to accommodate future applications,” he said, allowing OEMs to defer the costs of additional performance capacity until they deliver and charge for an application that requires it.

Vocallo's Echo Cancellation and Voice Quality Enhancement (VQE) featuresuse Octasic's carrier-approved algorithms. To maintain voice quality in the latest standards, Morrissey said Vocallo is built on a packet-basedsoftware architecture designed from the ground-up to support widebandvoice traffic and process media connections with minimum latency.

Vocallo supports emerging network architectures and applications, such as IMS and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC). In addition, Vocallo provides support for robust real-time video transcoding, transrating, and conferencing.

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