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Octasic rolls video software for multi-core DSP

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada – Silicon and software provider Octasic today announced it has begun sampling its Vocallo multi-core gateway DSP platform. The company also announced enhancements to its video software and its first Vocallo design win—Sangoma Technologies will use Vocallo for an accelerator card targeted at PC based telephony.

The video software enhancements aim to give media gateway designers a quick and painless way to integrate video. To this end, Octasic is offering API-callable software for transcoding large numbers of video streams at high quality and low latency (less than 2ms processing delay (total Tx+Rx)).

To ensure high video quality, the company built its codecs from scratch and optimized for mobile video. All Vocallo video codecs include error resilience and concealment, minimizing the effects of packet loss. Octasic also offers a proprietary bit rate controller to increase video quality on low bandwidth connections. Currently supported codecs include H.263, MPEG-4 and H.264.

The company also claims Vocallo delivers three times the performance per watt of current DSPs. This is attributed to the efficiency of Opus, Octasic's asynchronous (clockless) DSP core. Fifteen Opus cores power the OCT1010 architecture that underlies the Vocallo platform (Figure 1).

Figure 1. High level diagram of the OCT1010 architecture.

Octasis claims that each Opus core in the OCT1010 is capable of sustaining approximately 1.5 GHz performance. Each core has 96 kBytes L1 memory coupled with a DMA engine and, while clockless, is programmed via a traditional DSP programming model.

The Vocallo video software enhancement is available immediately as part of the Vocallo media gateway product. Octasic also provides a Vocallo evaluation board. For more information visit Octasic.com.

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