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OIF defines requirements for carrier SDN


After six months, the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF)  Carrier Working Group has completed a carrier requirements document that deals with the transport network relevant part of a Software Defined Networking (SDN) architecture. http://embedded.com/design/connectivity/4235488/Controlling-network-flow-with-the-OpenFlow-protocol

In addition, the OIF is in the planning stages for a 2014 interoperability demonstration that would address Transport SDN.

Among carriers, there is a strong desire for a consistent set of SDN related standards and specifications to enable a seamless migration to SDN architectures. With a carrier requirements document in hand, equipment vendors can work to specify interfaces among SDN components such as network elements, different types of controllers and orchestration instances.

In development since March of this year, the document, “OIF Carrier Working Group Requirements on Transport Networks (TN) supports the evolution of transport networks towards SDN architectures, summarizing what is already available and highlighting new features and functionalities to support the deployment of SDN applications, services and technologies.

Using the completed carrier requirements document as a foundation, said Hans‐Martin Foisel of Deutsche Telekom and the OIF Carrier Working Group chair and OIF board member, OIF members have begun developing an SDN framework document that will provide future SDN related specifications and Implementation Agreements and also give structure to future OIF interoperability demonstrations.

He said the groups focus on Transport SDN involves the management, control and data plane layers of the network, as well as the new Orchestrator – coordinating actions among data centers and transport networks.

“The key to a thriving SDN ecosystem is the separation of management, control and transport planes by means of well defined interfaces and standardized protocols,” said Jonathan Sadler of Tellabs and the OIF Technical Committee chair. “To reach the desired level of interoperability between network components, vendor implementations, carrier network domains, and Data Center functions, it is important to understand carrier requirements.”

Among other things the document identifies those functions that need to be provided by a Control Plane enabled TN to an SDN controller or Orchestrator for realizing SDN use cases, applications and services. It also addresses orchestrator functional requirements to ensure the desired coordination between functions and services spanning across multiple layers in a TN and crossing multiple SDN domains to achieve end‐to‐end service orchestration.

(The OIF is planning a public workshop on “Transport SDN: Cutting Through the Hype ‐ Enabling Technologies, Practical Use Cases, and Apps” for Monday, February 10, 2014 in San Jose, CA. )

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